Sunday, December 24, 2017

Three Days Until Christmas

Saturday Leftover day.

On the third day before Christmas I am releasing some of the gems in my collection, the full page ilustrations Virgil Partch did for the King Features weekly Pictorial Review in 1944/45. Whoch would be just before he went in to the army in 1945/46. It think this period is his best artistically and I have been secretly buyin gand scanning these to try and get a complete collection done, maybe offering it on a CD. The magazine was a large tabloid size and need a high resolution to be seen (nad read) properly. Which means a paper repint would have to be same size - and I don't see that happening soon. Anyway, these magazines turn out to be impossible to get. I four years of looking I have not gotten beyond my initial find. So here are a couple of them, just because it is Christmas.

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