Saturday, January 27, 2018

Dunn And Dusted

Thursday Story Strip Day.

Back in March 2015 I shared a short run of color Sundays of the early forties detective strip Dan Dunn by Alfred Andriola. Andriola did the strip to accomadate the syndicate before starting his own Kerry Drake (which ran for many years). Fullfilling the syndicate's contrats, he used it as a trial run for his later Drake, while freeing himself of the Milt Caniff style that he had used on his previous (and more often collected) detective strip Charlie Chan. Some historians even say that Andriola never in his life ever drew anything himself and the the varuing look of his sttrips was dependend on his assistants. I don't now, but I like Dan Dunn and even Kerry Drake was one of the better written detectives, which explains it's endurance over the years. Today I discovered that immediately after showing the first half of my Sundays along with whatever I had of the dailies I scanned and cleaned the rest of the Sundays - but left them unused. So here, as a late extra, is the remainder of my run of Andriola's Dan Dunn. Including a rare Sunday, which was printed in balck and white due to some sort of strike.

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