Monday, January 22, 2018

It's High School, Dear Watson

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

Over the years I have shown some of Huhta's work, both in color and black and white. One of his most exciting strips to me is Dinky Dinkerton. Screwball or satire, it is one of the earliest strips I know directly parodying something. Al Capp's Little Abner is known for parodying Superman in the forties, a strip that is said to have influenced Harvey Kurtzman in the creation (or at least the direction) of Mad. But here Huhta does a parody of Sherlock Holmes years before that in the same chicken fat style that Bill Elder (and Al Jaffee) used when they got out of the High School of Music and Arts (where they were classmates, with Kurtzman two years their senior).

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