Thursday, January 04, 2018

Sweet and Fizzy

Wednesday Advertising Day.

The Pepsi and Pete ads ran for most of the fifties. They were tarted by Rube Goldberg, but had many artists after him. From quite early on they were reformatted to be used in comic books, most f them by DC but others as well. No one has ever made a lost of how many there were, it could be hundreds. I think they are great fun and a good example of what was possible in this format. The first two here were on sale on eBay by a seller who so kind to provide very clear scans. The comic book format one seems to me to be by Mal Eaton.

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rodineisilveira said...

"This is the taste of Pepsi generation!"
Here in Brazil, Pepsi is bottled by Ambev (under autorization by Pepsico Inc.).