Sunday, January 07, 2018

Tears And Roses

Saturday Leftover Day.

These Cynthia strips by Irv Novick have been waiting in my blog folder for too long. I have always hesitated to use them because of the poor quality of some of the scans and from all I have seen the art is interesting but if you have seen a couple, you have seen them all. The soap opera stories don't look very interesting either. This late forties strip is not one of the many soap opera imitations that followed the succes of The Heart of Juliet Jones, but rather a byproduct of the succes of Mary Worth (similar to that other snoozefest,Martha Wayne). Novick or course went on to become quite a succesful contributor to Johnstone and Cushing in their Boy's Life comic strip section in the fifties and joined another former J&C employee Neal Adams at DC for the revamp of Batman.

Scroll down for some color samples as well.

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Booksteve said...

Scan quality aside, these are great. Novick's style seems made for story strips!