Sunday, February 04, 2018

My Tribute To Mort Walker pt 3

Thursday More Comic Strips Day.

In the late sixties, Mort walker decided that there was room for yet another comic strip. Maybe he needed the challange or maybe he found that there was a type of humor he liked but could not use in Beetle Bailey. Maybe even the ad series he had just done for Pepsi Cola had shown him he could do funny animals. Anyway, using his middle name Addison as a pseudonymn, he launched Boners Ark, about Noahlike captain had assembles a ship of all types of animals, but accidentally had only taken one of each. In tose days 'boner' still meant what we call today a 'blooper', a 'gaffe' a mistake of giant proportions. For the first couple of years Mort drew and inked the strip himself, then Frank Johnson came in to ink and finally Johnson took over completely. In the end the strip proved not to have a theme that could guarantee it's longivity (like 'everyone has a boss he hates' in Beetle Bailey). But in those first few years it was the best looking thing Mort Walker had done in a long time and posibly the funniest as well.

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rodineisilveira said...

Those ads which Mort Walker drew, involving funny animals, were for Coca-Cola (more exactly, Sprite) in 1969.