Saturday, July 21, 2018

Fishing For Davis

Saturday Adventure Strip Day.

Getting back to The Saint, we have reached the point where it starts to get interesting. According to one of his intreviews Jack Davis tsarted working for Mike Roy on the backrgrounds of the Saint. Later dailies show me, that he was allowed to move on, and I see his hand both in the inking and some of the figures. Still, that is some months away. As we saw in the last few posts, most of 1947 seems to have been free of Jack Davis. But somewhere in November 1947 something changes in the look of the strip. I am still nog sure if that is Jack Davis' hand (as I am also not sure how many of Davis traits in his early work were a result of having worked for Roy). Becaus eof my trip to the Comic Con I am splitting my three months of Sundays over two Saturdays, so see you next week.

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