Saturday, October 13, 2018

One Man's Journey

Saturday Story Strip Day.

I never scanned a lot of samples from the perennial detective strip Steve Roper. Although I love Bill Overgard's Milt Caniff influenced style (he worked as his assistant on Steve Canyon projects), it became too quick and easy for me from the mid fifties on. And because it is a serialized detective strip, reading the scattered samples I have was usually not much fun. But when I sold a bunch of 1971 Sundays this month, I sat down to scan them for some friends at the Kerry Drake Facebook group (where they like and share all detective strips - and more). That enabled me to pick up the few earlier samples I had scanned over the years and clean those as well. I am afraid to say I still liked Overgard best when he was trying to be someone else (Caniff). The only thing I quite like is his later strip Rudy, about a chimp agent in Hollywood. Original, fresh and funny. Unfortunately I don't remember where I saw it and I don't have the book (if indeed, there is one). May have been in Rick Marshall's wonderful Nemo magazine, the printed example for this blog).

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