Sunday, December 09, 2018

Christmas Teasers

Saturday Leftover Day.

In all the years of looking though newspapers I came across quite a few features that were not gagstrips of storystrips. There were also the newspaper ads that I showed here, by any number of capable artists such as Dik Browne, Stan Drake, Jack Betts, Gill Fox, Carl Wexler, Frank Robbins, Lou Fine, Alex Kotzky, Bob BUgg, Tom Scheuer or Neal Adsms. But there were also many different puzzle and game features, usually for kids, usually not very well drawn or very interesting. One of the best ones was done for King Features and was a regular part of their prepackaged Puck Sunday section. They used old King Features characters like Alphonse and Gaston or Happy Hooligan. I never scanned any of them, because I didn't scattered single installments would work. I did show a couple of black and white ones from various micrifiche sources. But here is the real thing. A couple of months ago I got a whole set of them from 1949 and I am presenting those here, often with the answer to puzzles the week after that. So print them out use them to make your Christmas break a little more irrelevant.

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