Sunday, January 06, 2019

I Can If You Can

Saturday Story Strip Day.

I was lucky enough to get a long run of Val Heinz' Dawn O'Day, which I am sharing in installments whenever I have cleaned a few. For Heinz' development as an artist please follow the links.


Frank M. Young said...

One thing has always puzzled me about these third-page only Chicago Tribune strips... why they chose that format as they did in the early '50s. I know that this strip began as a half-page, but it soon switched to that weird 10-panel third page. Seems like most of the new strips the Trib debuted in the '50s were in this third-page style, with no apparent way to reformat them for other page sizes.
The older, more established strips were still offered in half-page/tab formats, and certain later ones like Leonard Starr's On Stage as well. The Tribune syndicate didn't do much to push these "B" strips, like Heinz's and GLEN FORREST.
Every syndicate and feature service had its own set of quirks, but the Tribune's is more enigmatic than most of them.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

The Herald Tribune had their own creations that they did not push that much, like Frank Giacoia's Sherlock Holmes, or Coogie. They were half pages, though. Although they never did a tab version of those. Maybe they were less a syndicate and more producing to sell their brand through other papers. If it wasn't such an obscure subject, I would love to do a book on those 'one paper only' strips.