Friday, July 05, 2019

Early Mexican

Saturday Leftover Day.

So how about a little early Gordo for the weekend? Gordo started in 1941 but was dialed down to a Sunday only strip wheile Gus Arriola was in the army. After the war, the Sunday strip slowly went from storyline based to gag based. In this early run from 1946, you'll see a lot of Arriolas later tropes being introduced. You can also see, how he let his love of jazz influence the subject, content and writing style.

I have shown many of the later Sundays here. Most of which were distributed over the intrenet, up to the point where they were used for both Gus Arriola and Gordos Wikipedia page. When a favorite image turned up on the Fantagraphics page introducing the candidates for the 2018 Eisner Lifetime Achievement Awards, I started adding a line about the fact these scans were don eby me. I used a lighter color, so it doesn't intrude on the total image too much. Since then I have found some of my scans with the line cut off, though. So maybe it doesn't help.

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jhegenbe said...

Thanks again for all these lost and found funnies!