Monday, July 15, 2019

Kids At War

Monday Cartoon day.

This Saturday, I showed a single image from the American Legion cartoon series IMPulses by Ponce de Leon. Today I have another American Legion series, by one of my favorite 'unknown' creators S. B. Stevens. I first came to know Stevens from his kid's strip Small World (which you can find by following the link), a weird Peanuts knock-off not with kids being kids, but with kids dressed as their parents playing house. A genius twist by an artist who up till that point had been pidgeonholed as a kids cartoonist. In this cartoon we see a sort of forerunner of this concept - kids pretending to be soldiers. Some of these I showed before, but here is all I have at once. Along with that I have a couple of normal gag pages by Stevens as well.

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blog van michel said...

That General Mischief is funny!