Sunday, August 18, 2019

Let's Go On A Pic-A-Nic

Sunday Crowdpleaser Day.

The Yogi Bear Sunday gags have always been some of the most visited and commented upon posts. I think a book collection of these would sell very well, but I guess there are rights issues that prevent this. Most of the Sundays here (and indeed most of them anyway) were drawn by Harvey Eisenberg. He had been doing a lot of funny and well respected work in the fifties, mostly for the Hanna- Babera Dell comics, but also for other kid's books both at Dell and outside of that. The 'modernisation' of the Hanna-Barbera style had a great effect on the sometimes a bit too cute Eisenberg style. He keeps his flair for composition and comedic action, but it as all just that little bit better designed. The gags themselves, I may have said before, are to me what solid one page gags should be. B.C. may have the upper hand as far as slapstick goes, Peanuts may be the most soulful and Beeetle Bailey may have the best character gags, in Yogi Bear the gag is always king. I remember reading some of the later ones in the Dutch kid's weekly Taptoe in the mid sixties and this may have formed my appreciation of this genre.

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