Sunday, August 11, 2019

London Calling

Sunday Comic Srip Classic Day.

After proving invaluable to Bob Kane's Batman (together with Jerry Robinson), George Roussos was allowed to draw his own series for Detective comics. These are rarely een because the issues they appeared in are so very valuable (and since the character has diappeared, they do not 'deserve' a reprint title of their own). Airwave was known an appreciated in Roussos' direct circle, but outside of that it made very little impression.

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comicstripfan said...

Roussos on Airwave (1943-46): “I had so much fun with this title because I could do almost anything with the character. It was only five [sic] pages, so I could go in many directions." "One thing I did in an Airwave was use only grays" "Mr. Leibowitz, who was the publisher, came in. 'George' he said to me, 'Where's the color?' I said 'This is a different effect. This is color but it's different.' I don't know what the hell I said! I made it up! He walked away and after a while he said 'I'm talkin' to another nut!'" - Would be nice to see the "grays" episode!