Saturday, August 03, 2019

More A Sidenote Than A Postscript

Saturday Leftover Day.

After the Second World War, Will Eisner retunred to The Spirit and continued it for another seven years (with the help of growing crew of assistants). The format that was established before the war remained - ach Spirit Section had one 7 or 8 page Spirit story, one Lady Luck (by KLaus Nordling) and one Mr. Mystic (later to be replaced). The alure of the section was the fact that newspapers could ad a 'comic book' to their Sunday section. But one paper did not adopt that format. Instead the enlarged the Spirit story to tabloid size and inserted it into their own Fun Book (filled with gag strips and games), produced by Bill Keane (of later Family Circus fame). I have a couple of those oversized Spirit sections. Becaus eof the difference in size, there was a white strip underneath the pages, that was filled with a specially drawn banner, featuring The Spirit's new kid character PS. The banners were repeated and I don't know how many there were, but here are the four I could find.

I don't know if they are drawn by Eisner himself. They could be by Klaus Nordling as well, who did a lot of those cute kids.

I tried to cut one of them into a more readable format of two tiers. The otehrs are as they appeared on 1951-06-10.

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