Sunday, September 08, 2019

Hail To The Cap

Monday Surprise Day.

For today's "I bet you never saw that before" I have an incomplete set of a very rare and very local science fiction strip. Not very special, just another Milt Caniff knock-off. But the kicker comes in the article that starts this little strip (which ran only for a couple of months, anyway). In it he mentions that he sold another strip that will start in twon months. Does anyone know what that is and where it would have been published? Anyway, neither of them seems to have worked, because JOhnson returned to Al Capp, for whom he had inked in the forties - and stayed on as an inker at Capp's Little Abner Studios as an inker. Includes the last one.


Uncle Ernie said...

There looks like a bit of a Wally Wood head in one panel of the fourth strip. He must have been looking at the EC stuff.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Indeed. Ray Bailey was doing similar stuff in Tom Corbett (especially the dailies) at the same time.