Saturday, September 07, 2019

Roping Them In

Saturday Leftover Day.

Just one oddity today. Lately, at the request of soeveral collectors, I have been scanning more of Steve Roper and Kerry Drake, two perrennial detective strips that both were a round for quite some times. I never collected them, because some of Kerry Drake was collected in comic books in the forties and fifties (which you can go and see at the Digital Comics Museum) and although Steve Roper had a promising period when Bill Overgard took over in the early fifties, I never lied Ovegard's style in the sixties. Another problem with these strips is that I almost never have compelte stories I can share, which makes reading it a lot more difficult.

Anway, before cleaning and showing some of the ones I did scan, here is a Bill Overgard oddity from 1966. In the early sixties many different artists contributed to a sort of public information series about newspapers and journalism and how good they are for democracy. I have shown several over the years, by Virgil Partch, Mel Lazerus and others. This one is a bit later, but very similar. I am guessing it was an initiative of the National Cartoonists Society or something like that.

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