Sunday, October 06, 2019

Fighting Spirit

Monday Surprise Day.

As promised, Mondays are for stuff you haven't seen here bfore. Or anywhere, I would guess. This Athletes panel was one of the regular features of a weekly army Sunday section that was inserted in several Camp newspapers. It featured many unknown strips by cartoonists and familiar newspaper strip names. Paul Tumey (who recently announced a must-have book of screwball strips with Fantagraphics) and I both found one of the early issues and deducted there must be more. And indeed, the paper appeared at least from 1956 to 1964 - although it is rarely seen. Paul found an online source for it that has most of the years (though sadly lacking some of the more interesting early years). I will let Paul reveal more about it, when he gets around to it. But here is at least one of the features, started by Batman ghost Shelly Moldoff, taken over by cartoonist Hap Lyons and finished off by a Jack Debo (which seems like a pseudonym to me).

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