Saturday, November 09, 2019

Give Me Liberty Or Tell The Truth

Saturday Leftover Day.

I used to follow Alan Holtz' Stripper's Guide blog religiously, but I have to admit I have fallen prey to the same Facebook inspired laziness/lack of time that hinders my blog. For todays offering I went back to it, because I remembered reading about this odd little strip in one of his posts (

Yankee Doodles was one of the strips created to go along with the 200 year Independence fever that swept America in the seventies. It started early, in 1973 and predicted quickly after the actual 200 year aniversary in 1976. My samples are mostly later, but I had to cut them in two lots to be able to show you these earlier ones first. The rest will come later. The art is by Ben Templeton and the gags are okay. All in all it was more of an oddity (although I do like Ben Franklin).


comicstripfan said...

Have a problem with your comments about “laziness” and Allan Holtz: (1) you are one of the most prolific and hardest working bloggers on comic art so that word doesn’t belong in your repertoire. (2) respect Mr. Holtz tremendously but, to be honest, unless you are the greatest fan of pre-1930 comic art (which he seems to emphasize), one tends not to look in on his blog too “religiously” - think the best and most interesting comic art is post-1930 (and pre-1970). Having made these comments, wonder if you have any thoughts about 2 books, one just published, the other about to be published: (a) Screwball, by Paul Tumey, just released, which is an astonishing work on cartoonists who specialized in the “funnies” - suspect you might have liked to see some that were missed, like, perhaps, VIP and several others; (b) further to your interest in advertising comic art, also wonder if you are anticipating Steven Brower’s “Comics Ad Men.”

Ger Apeldoorn said...

I know and respect Paul Tumey's work and I am sorry he has been so busy that he cut himself off the internet. I would love to get in touch some time again. I have ordered his new book, but not yet see it. I am sure it will be great. No only does he know his stuff, I like the way he writes as well. Like him, I have the Nemo oversized "screwball" special and ws hugely inspired by it. Steven Brower is soemone else who I know and like. We share an interest in Mort Mskin and when he wrote the article for the online Comic Journal about advertising comics that was the basis for this book, we conversed a lot and I believe he used some of my materil. Frankly I am surprised he did not contact me for raw or new scans when doing this book, but I understand he does mention and thank me.

Paul C.Tumey said...

Hey guys! I'm still on the Internet - every day, in fact. Just not on the evil, nation-destroying Facebook. It's a bit overstated to suggest I've gone into isolation just because I'm not Facebooking anymore... or perhaps it speaks to the dominance of F-book. In any case, VIP was considered for the book, but since Jon Barli produced the definitive work on VIP a few years ago, it would have been a Department of Redundancy Department kinda move. I designed Screwball! to fill in the cracks for comics fans like us and compliment what is already out there. But yeah, Partch is a screwball, no doubt about it. The introduction to the book and the afterword discusses serval cartoonists who are not in the book and hopefully gets across the idea that the book does not cover every screwball cartoonist. If readers will actually buy the book and write about it, maybe there will be a chance to produce a second volume! Three months out and all I have is a rather odd review by Eddie Campbell who doesn't even seem to like screwball comics and called me the book's editor instead o teh writer, which is whut I be!

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Great to hear form you! You did not respond to my latest questions on the Cole blog (which I still recommend) and I do not have an email adress. I will add your book to my Buy It list after the holidays and will review it as soon as I get it. I did not yet and have to look if I forgot to order it! I assumed I had and was just waiting for it to come out. Yeo, I am still as disorganized as I used to be. I wish you all the best in 2020 and whatever your next project is.