Sunday, December 22, 2019

I'll Be At The Barracks For Christmas

Sunday Repeat Offender day.

I think I have the actual dailies upstairs, but finding them in an online paper put together six a week, saves too much time. Here are the three months leading up to Christmas 1953. Beetle had just joined the army. For some reason Mort Walker never did a lot of Christmas gags with Beetle Bailey. The first year he was in the army, he did not even go hime.


joecab said...

I'm not sure how much they show him nowadays, but this includes the introduction of longtime character Cosmo, the guy from NY with urbanite tastes.

EG-Markus said...

Nothing to do with this particular post but... I recall a BB daily panel from perhaps the early 80s where Cookie was preparing a menu. The thought balloon reads, "Now what haven't I had in a long time?" He then glances up at a pin-up calendar on the wall. In the final panel he looks out to the reader and says, "Besides that." I was surprised they got away with it. I've never been able to relocate that strip. Would you have a copy of it and if so could you post it? The thing was absolutely priceless.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

EG, I have very little of the eighties. It sure sound like something that would not pass the censor. specially when they could sell these off jokes to Scnadinavia.