Sunday, December 08, 2019

Serial Crime

Saturday Leftover Day.

In the late forties King Features had a syndicated crime serial. Each episode had six parts and ran daily with illustrations by Paul Norris and Edd Cartier. Both are interesting to see, because Norris was at that point still halfway between being a Alex Raymond clone and a Noel Caniff imitator. Edd Cartier had a delightful style, whose expressiveness makes you sorry he did not do comics. Clipping thse serials from small town papers has always been a hassle. Thankfuly, with my new Genealogy account I have access to The Dallas Morning News, which reran these stories in the early fifties on four pages, usually using all six of the illustrations. You will not see Paul Norris in the lot I gathered here, they are mostly by Cartier, with one or two by an unknown (but familiar looking) artist of lesser quality. I wish I had mre to show you, but getting these ready was enough work as it was.

I have uploaded a couple, since doing them all at once seems to fail every time. Come back later to see more.

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