Sunday, January 12, 2020

He Was In The Army Then

Sunday Been Here Before Day.

I have shown some material of the army Sunday Newspaper section by the American Air Force Features over the last half year. This paper, which was distributed to army camp newspapers between 1955 and the mid sixties (I still don't know the end date) had short features drawn by familiar cartoonists as well as a couple of names primarilly known from comics. Vic Martin fits both categories. He was a regular at AAFF almost from the beginning and although I have never seen the later years of this paper, I guess he was there until the end. ith the second issue he took over The Little Colonel from Fred Balk, who had originated it with issue #1 (although neither of them may have been the writer). He other series was Phineas Fogg and Cockleberry, which was more of the same.


rodineisilveira said...

Vic Martin, who drew to the Cracked magazine.

Stefan said...

nice discovery!

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Wait until you see the rest of it!