Sunday, January 19, 2020

Hiyo, Hopalong!

Sunday Deja Vu Day

I don't know what's holding up a complete reprint of Dan Spiegle's Hopalong Cassidy, one of the most consistantly readable western strips of the fifties. Must be some copyright issue, because otherwise it would seem like a nabrainer to me. Here is a longer sequence I managed to pul from a papr that did six dailies a week on one page.


rnigma said...

Perhaps it's acquiring the rights from William Boyd's estate that may be the obstacle. I think it was AC comics that did a reprint of some Hopalong strips several years ago.

drivingovercanaan said...

It was AC-- "Hopalong Cassidy and the Five Men of Evil." I'm glad to have it because thus far it's the lone reprint, but panels were stretched and shrunk to fit the large paperback format.