Saturday, February 08, 2020

Passing Over The Scans

Saturday Leftover Day.

Like Craig Yoe I am very much interested in cartoons and stories that show or spoof Modern Art.He devoted three of his earliest reprint books to it, called Modern Arf, But still I come across new ones every few months. Here is an Intellectual Amos story by Quality's Andre Lablanc. I never saw a lot of comic pages by him, just his incredible covers. I never knw he was one of the back-up fillers used in the first post war Spirit sections. I have been scanning my huge collection of sections for the Digital Comic Book Museum, where you can go to see most of my scans as well as plenty of others. They are interesting not only for The SPirit, but also for Klaus Nordling's The Barker and the many versions of Mr. Mystic. Remember, Eisner did more then ten years of these, so that's about 500 episodes of the Spirit as well as eight more pages by others.

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rodineisilveira said...

Even the Haitian naturalized Brazilian André Le Blanc (who lives in the USA) is included on this topic.