Saturday, February 29, 2020

The Not So WIld Wild West

Saturday Leftover Day.

For today's post I found a couple of Sundays from Gordon Bess' Redeye, a funny enough (if a bit tame) strip, that has a special meaning to me. It was used in the Belgian weekly magazine Tintin (or Kuifje in Dutch) and was a bit out of the ordinary there. I have shown more before (though not too many ones in color) and you'll find them if you folow the link. I like the earliest samples the best. By 1971 (the las sample) Bess had found the style he was doing this strip in and it sort of looks the same like everything around at that time, A little bit of Bill Yates, Mel Casson, Henry Boltinoff... all of those former cartoonists who had turned to newspaper strips.

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blog van michel said...

Volgens mij was dat in Kuifje, niet in Robbedoes. groetjes.