Saturday, March 07, 2020

Boners Are Silly

Saturday Leftover Day.

Less like a leftover, more like a preamble. I have a load of BOner's Ark scans on my computer I stll hve to fix. Here are the earliest years, when Mort Walker was still drawing it as well as writing it with his crew. In the early fifties Frank Johnson was employed to ink walker's pencils and a couple of years after the he became the sole artist. Mort has said that he created the strip to use a type of humor he could not use in any of his other strips. And while that is true (Boner's Ark is a lot sillier), I believe the real reason he wanted to do was to draw some animals. At whoch he was quite good, I may add.

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blog van michel said...

Ik las dit in Mickey maandblad. Erg leuke strip. bedankt.