Saturday, April 04, 2020

A Date With Danger

Saturday Leftover Day.

Unlike many of you, I do not have an extra amount of time leftover. As a writer, most of my work is long ahead of time. And I am lucky not to have any projects that have been cancelled or postponed. It may affect my efforts to get new work, but I haven't noticed yet. But I do like to provide those of you that have more time something extra to read. Today, I have a couple of news scans of Alden McWilliams' Dateline: Danger!
and I have sought some of the others to add to them. A well drawn series and one of the first to have African-American leads. It is often said that newspapers are the most conservative medium, but it took TV a lot lober to reach this level.


bryan stone £ said...

As usual thank you. I don't know the Sundays of Dateline Danger

Unknown said...

"it took TV a lot lober to reach this level"
Dateline: Danger was exploiting tv's I Spy that started three years earlier.

Doccomix said...

In some spots the black character even looks like a young Bill Cosby during his I Spy days.