Sunday, May 17, 2020

Finery Worker

Sunday Repeat Day.

This week we lost cartoonist Frank Johnson. He is best know for working with Mort Walker on Boner's Ark, first as inker and after a couple of years as the sole artist. After that ended, he continued working for the Walker Conglomorate as inker on some series, most notably the half page jokes done for the Scandinavian reprint magazines - based on gags that were deemed to rude, sexy or contraversial for American newspapers. We re reprinting them now in the Dutch weekly Eppo and they look like prime nineties Walker, probably due to Johnson's slick inking. He also took over two newspaper strips, like Mutt and Jeff and Bringing Up Father. To celebrate his career, I have gathered all of the Boner's Ark Sundays I have shown over the years and added another year. I have many more upstairs, but they still have to be cleaned. Of course, if you want to see more of Johnson, you can follow the links to some of his other work I have show here.





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