Monday, May 04, 2020

TM 30-307

Monday Liberation Extra.

Although Walt Kelly's health would not let him serve in the army in WWII, he did do some work for the Foreign Language Unit, illustration pocket manuals along with other cartoonists such as Hank Ketcham (who later created Dennis the Menace) and Ham Fisher (Joe Palooka). Each of them only did one set of drawings, which were used in several of the booklets - which were given to soldiers operating all over the world. Walt Kelly's very funny set also was used in the Dutch guide, which happens to be where I was born. This week, on May 5th, we celebrate our Libertion from the German occupation, which was ended in a large part by the effort of those American soldiers (along with Brits, expats and a lot of Canadiens). As part of those celebrations, here a all of Walt Kelly's pages form that guide. For the Dutch among my readers, the phonetc spelling is a funny bonus. For the rest of you, I will just say: "HEP pluhZEEuhr!"

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