Saturday, June 06, 2020

I Know That Face

Saturday Leftover Day.

In 1944 Al Hirschfeld was asked to to the promotional art for CBS' radio line-up. Too many of Nirschfeld's excellent work has nog been collected. I would love to see a collection that is organised by name or at least has a celebrity/subject list in the back. But I guess that would invite people to pick them and use them for their own perpoises. For instance, I enlarged and clead the Burns and Allan image and used it for my own CD of collected shows. I showed some of these ads before, but when I decided to sell the clippings from the 1944 bound newspaper book I found them in, I decided to rescan them a bit better. So here they are. They remained unsoldd and anyone interested in this lot (which is actually larger because it includes some reformatted doubles) can contact me below or use my Facebook page.

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