Friday, July 10, 2020

Here We Go-Go Again

I have to clean out my blog folder, so here are some odds and ends.

Saturday Leftover Day.

I am a fan of Bob Powell's work. The last ten years have been almost forgotten by evey historian. He drew a lot for Mad imitation Sick, of course. But when that died down, he had an actual newspaper strip, Teena-a-go-go. I did several posts with dailies and one with all the sundays I could find. I am combining that ast one here with a set of photos of the wash originals and the first Sunday, I missed the first time around. This means I am close to a complete run.

I have shown various Al Hirschfeld cartoons over the years. Recently I shared a couple of gags from Hank Ketcham's It's Only Your Imagination series in True. But he also sometimes illustrated The Saturday Evening Post's You Be The Judge column (as did many others, including Bill Elder).

I am still surprised there is no complete list, website or even book of his work. I keep coming across unknown ones and they are always great. Here is a Bob Hope poster from movie magazine Modern Screen.


Jeff Nelson said...

Ger, your blog really is a gift that keeps on giving. Up to this point I had managed to miss all the Herschfeld you had posted. So now I am once again in a paroxysm of delight, salivating over all this wonderful material new to me.

Alex Jay said...

Al Hirschfeld Foundation

The Great Lover

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Thanks for the links, Alex. I have problem with the foundation. Their site has certainly grown, so that is good. But they are far from complete. And their search engine isn't perfect. When I typed in Bob Hope I did not get The Great Lover. And when I typed in The Great Lover I only got a version of the poster with the head of Hope and not the background. They also show the images (purposely?) quite small and although there often is a reference to where it image was found, it is usually quite vague. Certainly not the resource I think the man deserves.