Saturday, October 24, 2020

God Bless Adventure

Some years ago, I shared a long run of microfiche dailies and color Sundays of Dan Heilman's The American Adventure, a historical strip written by Bradford Smith and drawn by Heilman in the Milt Caniff style. I had three more stories in color Sunday form, but had stopped collecting the dailies (which continued the storyline). Recently I picked it up again and I am very proud to be able to present the first of the last three stories of this remarkable series. The microfiche dailies are from two different papers, one too light and one too dark - and both not complete online. I have added them again to help read the story. The story started and ended on a Tuesday. I tried to correct the one for 12-19, which took me about two hours and then I discovered I had even forgotten a piec in the right hand corner.


Will Shetterly said...

The more I learn about old comics, the more I notice how influential Caniff was. I'd love to see an article about how his style developed and whose work was influenced by it.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

I am in fact writing that article as a two parter for the relaunch of Nemo at Fantagraphics. One day I hope it will be a book that will have one story each for the most obvious ones.