Saturday, November 14, 2020

I Started

 Sunday Surprise Day.

Not much of a surprise today. More cartoons. All from microfiche so the quality varies. With Bill King, Reamer Keller, Sivic, Ali, Jerry Marcus, Harry Mace and Ben Roth. Roth was one of four jewesi brothers doing cartoons. HIs biggest claim to fame cartoonwise was that he did the full color covers of Gag magazine from the postwar forties to 1951. After that he started an agency that sold cartoons abroad, including many of Mort Walker's unsold leftovers - which were subsequently published in gag magazines all over Europe. I have added one below, from the private collection of the Walker family. More from and about these in the upcoming book by Bill Janocha: The Birth of Beetle from Hermes.

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funny cartoons. thanx!