Saturday, November 07, 2020

Oh, What A Lovely War

Sunday Surprise Day. Here are some more cartoons by Hank Barrow from a larger collecion I bought on Ebay. Most if them had the date cut off and are undated. Hank Barrow was a contemporary of Milt Caniff and Noel Sickles (who did similar political cartoons at the same time). They met at Associated Press in the thirties and early forties and worked for various features there. Barrow even took over Caniff's daily panel The Gay Thirties for a short time in the thirties. Although similar in style, Barrow never develeoped into a comic strip artist, staying with cartoons instead. In the late forties he had a delightful Sunday Feature called Things To Come, with beautifully drawn cartoons with social and scientific predictions of the future. To show how unique his style was, I have added a couple of cartoons by temporaries, wich were also included in the box I got on Ebay. All of the work mentioned above is shown elsewhere on this blog if you follow the links below.

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