Sunday, November 01, 2020

Treasury Of Classic Laughs

Sunday Surprise Day. I have been going through an online microfiche source to clip all of the samples of the daily newspaper panel Laff-A-Day whoch was managed by King Features and used new cartoons from a large group of cartoon regulars, including my favorites Hank Ketcham, Virgil Partch, Henry Boltinoff and Mort Walker. I had to take some time out to clean up a couple more, but these samples from July and August should make up for that. I have found another source for the missing July samples, but they are printed so small and reproduc so badly I am skipping them here.


Jeff Nelson said...

As always, I thank you so very much for your excellent work, this time unearthing these great samples from the classic cartoonists which might have been lost except for your unfailing efforts. I especially like seeing the sample from 'Ali', whom I only this past week discovered was Al Isler - he did a lot of work for Esquire in the 1930s which looks so much like Otto Soglow that I had been starting to think that it might have been Soglow himself using a pseudonym. Again, well done, sir!

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Yes, Ali (or -Ali-) was very unique. I did not know his real name.

Jeff Nelson said...

I came across a cartoon by him in a 1947 Colliers - don't have the date on hand - and, as per their usual fashion, they identified his real name in the corner.