Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Knerrvous Energy

Sunday Surprise Day. I am later than normal with my post, because I kept finding more and more samples of the strip I wanted to show you. Some time ago I shared a couple of color samples from four different Knerr strips from 1914. Harold Knerr took over The Katzenjammer Kids when originator Dirks had left the syndicate, leaving the title and characters behind (he went on to do the same strip under the name The Captain and the Kids). As one of those samples showed Knerr had done a knock-off version under the name The Feiniger Twins That I knew, but the fact that he did three other half page strips at the same time surprised me. And they were very funny too. Admittingly. the gags are a bit wimple, but Knerr's style just bounces off the page. I came across a very large set of these strips online and started pulling them - but I bit off more than I could chew. So here is where I got so far with one of the strips, called Scary George. I will add the other in the following weekends and keep adding new online scans to this one as I go along. Maybe even a bit more information.

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