Monday, January 04, 2021

Mob Rules

 Sunday Surprise Day.

At the end of the last Century comic book artist and historian Dylan Williams set out to write the ultimate biogrpahy of Mort Meskin. He got sidetracked before to doing it, but he gave al of his note and intervoews to Steven Brower, who proceeded to do the difinitive work on the forgotten artist from the fifies as well as a very impressive story collection, both for Fantagraphics. Recently he transcibed Williams' interview with Meskin contemporary Marvin Stein, who wrked with him on various Prize titles and got him work at an advertising agency in the sixties, whoch very much eased the last decade of his career. You can read it here and I fully recommend it:

In the accompanying piece it is confirmed that the late sixties newspaper strip McGurk's Mob really was drawn by the same Marvin Stein who drew all these crime books in the fifties and was long suspected to be one of Jack Kirby's earliest inkers at Marvel. The style of McGurk's Mob (a family strip about a family with  six kids or so) is visually completely different from the moody realistic work Stein did in the late fifties. Not really a very funny strip, or even remotely a hit, but certainly worth a look for Stein's place in comic history. I have shown some earlier whoch you'll find using the links underneath.

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