Saturday, March 20, 2021

Hi, honey! I'm not always home!

Saturday Leftover Day. You can always make me happy with any strip from the Walker Family of hits from late fifties and early sixties. What I particulary like about this long run of weekly combined dailies is that is includes all the side arena's the later 'family strip' still had in it's early days. It has Hi at his work (complete with a funny little boss), the two garbage men, the chinese laundry man (which was even becoming a little bit old fashioned even then) and if you are lucky you'll see Lucky's other brother - her famous brother being Beetle Bailey, of course - who has a much younger brotehr of his own, which we never see in Hi and Lois. In fact, in those early days, Hi and Lois wasn't as much a 'family strip' as it was a strip about a man at his work and at home - sort of like The Dick van Dyke Show, with similar humor.


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Very funny gags. Thank you!