Sunday, May 23, 2021

More Than You Can Gag

 Sunday Surprise Day.

Last Saturday I shared a run of cartoonist Reamer Keller's newspaper strip Kennesaw. I remarked that the hillbilly subject was bebeath Keller's more far ranging talent, as show in his many cartoons between the forties and the eighties. That talent is fully on show in the Sunday cartoon feature he did in the late forties called Friends of the Family. A new subject each week, that's more like it. Before those, I have a shorter set of samples from Today's Laugh, a rotating daily cartoon service by the Chicago Tribune/New York News syndicate, which would also buy a Sunday feature similar to Friends of the Family in the late fifties - which they used as a filler page until at least the seventies. . Friends of the Family was from the McNaught Syndicate, which ran the daily cartoon panel This Funny World 9which also used Reamer Keller a cartoon at least once a month). The last set is from This Week, who had a half page by a different cartoonist every issue.

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