Friday, July 30, 2021

Shine The Light!

Saturday Leftover Day. 

I have always been an admirer of Creig Flessel's work. Not only because of his slick realism with a hint of cartooning) or his funny cartoon art (with a hint of realism), or his reliable work for the Johnstone and Cushing company on the Eveready ads or the comic section in Boy's Life , or his funny Sundays and mature storytelling on the dailies of David Crane in the sixties, but mostly for the fact that he had been there all the time. The man worked on the first DC comics as an artist and editor, even. He was still alive when I was starting this blog and developing an interest in the forgotten history of comics and I can kick myself blue in the shins that I didn't contact him to talk about everything besides superheroes (where most interviews he did sadly concentrated on).

In the early forties he was one of the artists asked to contribute to the Story-of-the-Month daily syndicated series of illustrated bestsellers. The art is solid, a lot more so than most of the comic book art produced at that time. No wonder he ended up in the much more lucrative commercial art field.


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Allan Rosenberg said...

This is the nicest Creig Flessel art I've ever seen!

Allan Rosenberg