Sunday, August 15, 2021

Good Gun Art

Sunday Al Williamson Treasures. 

Continuing the complete Timely/Atlas works of Al Williamson. Early 1955 Williamson was asked to do two covers for the 'jungle' titles from the Stan Lee-run company.  He did more covers later and in 1957 he did a couple of stories for Jann as well. After that it was back to westerns, again written by Stan Le himself. In this story from Kid Colt I art spotter extraordinaire suggests the inking was done by Gray Morrow (although I myself can't destinguish it from Angelo Torres' work).



jhegenbe said...

Looking carefully at the gestures and posses, I see this as Wally Wood pencils and Williamson inks.

Manqueman said...

Wood and Williamson studied under Burne Hogarth at C&I (later School of Visual Arts). Some similarity should be expected. Notwithstanding the Wood story Williamson drew (for Witzend IIRC or other fanzine), there's no record of them working together.