Saturday, October 16, 2021

Post At His Most

Saturday Leftover Day.

Later this year I will be selling all of the Mad magazine imitations I have collected over the last ten years for my book Behaving Madly. That means it is a complete collection - and it is not in the best condition. All I needed was material I could scan. The last year I have been scanning everything, even the stuff I did (or could) not use in the book. I still recommend that you buy the book, if only for the painstaking restoration I executing on all of the black and white material, sharing it the way it should have been seen any (and was, if you bought them back then). But I am guessing they might be a few people who want the actual books as well.

As a sort of teaser, here is a story from SNAFU I could not share in the book, because Marvel still holds the copyright (eventhough they do not intend to do anything with it). This is a story by Howie Post, one of a few (maybe even the only) that were not written by Post himself. All of Post's material at Timely/Atlas (the publisher of SNAFU) reads as if it wa simprovised. Even if it was written before it was drawn, Post seems to have written it withou planning, as a sort of storyboard. On the contents page Stan Lee says he wrote almost all of the book (this was back when that still was true) and it reads as his. This story doesn't.

The format of the story (text with a row pictures above) was taken from Harvey Kurtzman's magazine Mad and it was used throughout the book. Which by the way, was one of the first to start imitating Kurtzman's magazine Mad. So soon after Mad #24 (the first) appeared, that it seems Lee (or his boss Martin Goodman) may have had an early peak.


joecab said...

Marie Severin?

Ger Apeldoorn said...

I don't understand your qeustion, joecab? If it is a suggestion that Marie Severin might have had a hand in this, you may not have read my text where I explain this is by Howie Post. Both because it is signed by him and the fact that it looks like his work at that time. Marie Severin was not yet drawing at that time, she is not mentioned in the contents page and Howie Post is.

joecab said...

Ha! I'm glad I noticed this post because something was lost when I copied and pasted my post when Blogger didn't have me logged in.

What I actually said was that the art looked a bit like Marie Severin in places.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Yes, I can see that.