Saturday, December 11, 2021

The Rock Of Ages

 Saturday Leftover Day.

Last week I shared a story former Milt Caniff Assistant and Bruce Gentry and Tom Corbett artist Ray Bailey did at the end of his career for Dell. Today I have a later story from Western's Boris Karloff. He did many more inbetween and I may end up sharin gall of them, Western/GoldKey was a spin-ogg of Western/Dell, created when owner Western decided they did not need Deel anyomre. Dll continued on it's own from the early sixties. I don't know what the connection was, but Bailey never worked for Dell anymore. I chose this story from Boris Karloff #6, because it has several typical elements of Bailey's style. The Boris Karloof head seems a bit out of place and you might want to say it's because he was forced to use photos for the likeness. But in fact, these type of overrendered heads pop up in Bailey's work from time to time. Most often in Tom Corbett, but also in som eof his other comic book work. They seem to be a stylistic tick of his. We can also identfy him by the rock bricks in the walls. He used them all over the place. The same goes for the 'standing rock' (a rock that seems to be coming out of the ground) which he used from his days as Milt Caniff assistant. I still have to go and check if he took it (an ecological feature I do not know, however effectic and realistic it looks) from Caniff or if he was the one who introduced it to Terry and the Pirates. He liked it so much, anyway, that they come up in almost all of his stories that are not set in the city.

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