Monday, December 27, 2021

Tricks of the Trade

Sunday Al Williamson Surprise. 

Seeing these stories Al Williamson did for Stan Lee at Timely-Atlas, you really get a handle on which ones he did and probably did not ink. This one (though the colors are scanned a bit weirdly), is fully signed and recognized at the Grand Comicbook Database as being drawn and inked by the man himself.It certainly has more of the inking trickary that Williamson was so good at. The story itself not signed by Stan Lee and probably not written by him) does have one flaw. In the end, the crew gets a gift from the bottom dwellers. But what is it? A notebook (there is binding at the top)? Or a book (why else would the first page have printed letters)?

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Smurfswacker said...

The submarine is the sub designed by Alden McWilliams for the Dell series "Rex, King of the Deep." This serial appeated in The Funnies in the early 1940s and in a Whitman juvenile novel which re-used McWilliams' illustrations. Williamson must have loved that sub. He used it several times. It even appeared many years later in a "Secret Agent Corrigan" episode.