Saturday, February 05, 2022

Browne and Haenigsen 5

Saturday Leftover Day. 

Now that the issue of Hogan's Alley with my article on the influence of Harry Haenigson is finally out, I can share the folder of illustrations that led me to the article in the first place. In no particular orddr, you will see Dik Browne's work for Power House (candy bars), Warren's Mint gum sticks (Colonel Mint) and Harry Haenigsen's work on Colonel Goodbreath form five years before that. I may have shown parts of this earlier, but this is the full file. Roger Wilco is defenitively Browne (it is sometimes even signed) and Colonel Goodbreath is pure Haenigsen, but Colonel Mint is a hybrid. I may have been started by Haenigsen and finished by Browne (but that would have to mean Haenigson worked for Johnson and Cushing even after he had two succesful strips running).

 Come back for a suprising new Haenigsen find next week.



blog van michel said...

Er is een Marx Brothers-film waarin Groucho zo'n snoepje in het water gooit wanneer een overboord geslagen jongedame om een "lifesaver" roept! ;-D groetjes.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Het was een snoepje met een gat in hte midden, vandaar de naam.

blog van michel said...

Dacht ik wel! Bedankt voor je reactie.