Sunday, March 27, 2022

The Truth Will Come Out

Sunday Williamson Surprise.

 Another classic western with lots of Williamsonisms. But what makes this special is, that it is the only story I have ever seen that was signed by Stan Lee and uses the word 'through" written als 'through' and not 'thru'. And not only the only story, the only everything he wrote. A few years ago I wrote two articles on Stan's writing for Alter Ego. For that I have read thru all of his presuperhero stories, all of his newspaper work, all of his available correspondance with his agent Toni Mendez and everything else I could get my hands on - and he always uses 'thru'. In wester stories such as this he likes to use vernacilar and indeed al the 'yuhs' here confirrm that. But on the first panel of page three there is this caption using 'throughout', which I have never seen him use. I don't know what he used instead. Was it 'thruout'? Or 'thru-out'? Did he never use it? Or is 'throughout' simply the only way you can write it while remaining readable? Ah... the troubles of a comics archeologist.

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