Saturday, April 23, 2022

Make Room For Danny

Saturday Leftover Day.

 I have a pretty big collection of Dan Heilman's pre Judge Parker strip The American Adventure. Even more in a Caniff style than Parker, it retold stories about the lives of famous Americans. And it did so quite well, although it was better if you had the dailies as well. So, for some time I gathered dailies and added thm to whatever I had as Sundays. Sadly, I have not been able to do that this year, so these Sundays of Fulton's Follies has been waiting to be used. So I say: no longer. The are too wonderful to ignore. I hope that one day I (or someone else) will be able to do a complete book of them. 

By the way, I sold most of these tearsheets on Ebay, where you can find more of the strips I have been showing here the last ten years. If you visit and buy something, you will greatly help me - not to some money (I am starting them low and usually selling at starting price) but mostly, creating some room in my overcrowded office.

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