Saturday, January 07, 2023

When You Are Wright...

Saturday Leftover Day. 

David Wright is an almost forgotten comic artist from the fifties and sixties, who is very much loved by those who do remember his work. For a long time he was never mentioned, but after someone from the family started artwork from his most succesful series Carol Day, his superb line work got the attention it deserved. Here's what the Dutch Comiclopedia has to say about him: 

"Pin-up painter David Wright created the newspaper strip 'Carol Day' in 1956. Wright was born in 1912 into an artistic dynasty - his parents were both artists. David Wright had a talent for drawing women, and therefore he became famous as a pin-up artist. His first pin-up appeared as a loose insert in 1941 in The Sketch magazine. Wright's first comics work, starring 'Kit Carson', appeared in Cowboy Picture Library #56 of July 1952. For Titbits, he created girl strips like 'Judy' (1953) and 'Jo'. In 1957 he did 'Danger Treads Softly', painted in black and white.

The 'Carol Day' strip debuted in the Daily Mail on 10 September 1956. It was a soap opera comic about a cool and elegant fashion model, which first ran in the Daily Mail (1956-1967), and then reappeared after Wright's death in the Sunday Express in 1971, at this point drawn by Kenneth Inns. His son Patrick Wright is also a comic artist." 

 I got a stack of Titbits issues from the fifties, four of which had an episode of Judy. Just as stunning and unique as his later work,



André said...

Jo (José) by David Wright was published for 86 weeks in Montréal french newspaper PHOTO-JOURNAL from 1954 to 1956.

Neil A. Hansen said...

Stuff is stunning.