Sunday, July 16, 2023

Green Conservation

Sunday Green Beret Extra. Over the years I have shared some of the Sunday pages from Tales of the Green beret by Joe Kubert. I never got enough of them to provide a good readble run, exspecially not since the strip was one of those that spread the storyline over dailies and Sundays. Over on the Comic Strip Appreciation Group on Facebook a guy called Robert Hirch has started sharing all of the stories from the start, using a complete collection of tabloid pages and pretty good dailies jhe got who knows where. The tabloid version of Tales of the Green Baret is exactly the same as the half page version, which is pretty rare. Usually a panel was dropped in the transition. Anyway, that leaves me free to share my incompled scans without worrying you can read the whole thing. If you want, go to Facebook and tell Robert I sent you. If you don't, just enjoy the pretty pictures.

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Great stuff,