Tuesday, August 15, 2023


Tuesday Cartoon Carnival 

Over the years my posts here have become longer. It also means that sometimes I take a bit longer to get everything ready. I am currently working on three interesting series which will only work if I share a year's worth of Sundays. In the meantime, here is a set of Crcak-Up cartoons from very contributing cartoonist except Virgil Partch. Crack-Up was a daily cartoon series from the leftwing New York PM magazine, with six different artists each contributing one day. In the past I have shared many of these, especially those by Virgil Partch, who usually filled the Sunday slot (PM did not have a saturday edition). 

He did this for six years, which at one a week could mean he did 300 original cartoons. Except that he did not always contribute. To find out how many times he actually delivered a cartoon, I have started anew from a fresh newpaper source. That means I would have a long way to go before I can share muy findings. I do get cartoons by some of the otehrs now and then and I have collected those here to clean up my files. There may be some doubles, I have shown before, but it is the only way to thoroughly clear up everything.


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